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Peanut candy production line

Technology performance:

The machine for continuous paving, shaping, cutting of various machine; frequency adjustment, cutting is accurate in size, forming founder of good; machine continuous production, no need manual connection, the realization of the truly automatic and intelligent operation.
Scope of application: ShaQima, rice flower sugar, eggs potato cake, peanut candy, melon seeds cake, peanut cake, Qi Ma crisp, sesame crisp food automatic cuts molding.
Product parameters:
Model: WH-880
Voltage: 380V
Power: 4kw
Outline dimension: 100000mm*1100mm*1500mm
Production capacity: 3-5T/Day
Machine weight: 1500kg
* machine can be equipped with a variety of specifications, according to the specific requirements of customers.
* free onsite installation and commissioning, provide technical training and formulation.

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