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WHB-330 puffing machine

Technical parameter:
Voltage: 380V
Power: 0.75kw
Barrel capacity: 8 - 10kg
Production capacity: 60 - 90kg/h
Weight of the whole machine: 500kg
Outline dimension: 1650mmx800mmx1350mm
Name: rice puffing machine corn puffing machine puffing machine popcorn machine

Rice/Corn/Millet/Wheat/Buckwheat/Sorghum/Sweet Barley Puffed Machine

Puffed Machine

cereal puffing machine

Airflow pufffed Machine

Airflow extruder Machine

sweet wheat puff machine

airflow maize corn grain puff machine

airflow rice puff machine

airflow food puffing machine

grain puff machine

puff making machine

corn puff machine

airflow wheat puff machine

snack Food Puffing Machine

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puffed corn making machine,airflow grain puffing machine

grain puffed machine

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